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Didn’t end up at Havok – Roger had a bad back, Eirene went out round Harrogate with Tina (as you can see from the prior message!) so I decided not to go on my own. ! I ended up playing on iSketch.net for hours – top game ! It’s a bit like pictionary but on line. Saturday – Mark’s (Brian) birthday, but he got stuck in Sunderland, so we couldn’t go out for the birthday bevvy that we planned. Ahh well – went out with Dave and Suzie for a bit – down to the Bell Tavern (‘real ale’ type pub) Had some hardcore ‘suppin ale’ weighing in at around 8%. Wuggleworther or something. . Today, we got up at Daft O’Clock to go and do a car boot sale – got rid of a van full of junk and made some cash. Top banana – weather was very nice as well. Sunny and warm.

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