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Happy Fridays !

It’s the weekend again. Maria came round last night – one of Eirene’s oldest friends who has just come back from traveling. We had a right nice meal, followed by a guided tour (photographically) through some of the places she has been to including South America, Australia, Cambodia and Thailand. Some fantastic photo’s and stories. Gave us really itchy feet…. but that’s OK, because we are flying out to Australia in 13 days ! we have just sorted out our visa’s on-line at – they sell Australian visas for most Euro countries for about £9 (EUR 14). I realy hope it’s not a scam !. Even down to the stage where we are working out how we are going to pack and what we are going to take. I’d like to go for the “Pear of strides, 2 T’s and a toothbrush” but I’ll prolly end up taking shed loads.

Had a shuffle round at work today – musical chairs in the office – I’ve landed a nice new spot by a window, which makes me happy. A bit more space and lack of people wandering past my back all day. We are now sitting around, having a bit of a stella (Eirene is on Cranberry Archers) and feeling quite happy with life.

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