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After a hectic afternoon round Clifton Moor (retail park near York) we bought a new fish for the tank, (Felix called it Clifford) we scooted home, and got ready to go out. It was Stu Bleasdale’s birthday, and we were invited. about 15 of us herded into the top corner of pinocchios restaurant in Harrogate. Several drinks later, we presented Stu with the most powerful water pistol this side of Toys r Us. The evening started to get a bit messy from this point on (Stu managed to hit a waiter at 50 paces.). Several covert vodka’s later, via ‘Escobar’ we ended up at Ikkles house, where we sat around, chatted and played black jack until we were all nearly passing out.

Today, we went to Darlington to say happy birthday to my little bro Paul. Had a really nice Sunday lunch, played a bit of footy in the park, Saw nearly all my relatives up there, including Auntie Sue and Uncle Pete, who told us loads of cool things about Australia.

T minus 10 days!!

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