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[First – Message for Tinanana – Thanks for the mail yesterday, but I noticed that you used my outlook express to send it. I’m worried that you may have downloaded all my emails for that day, preventing me from downloading them from here. If you click on an email link on a web page, it will automatically launch outlook express. Don’t worry about it though ! but please try not to do it if poss. Thanks Eirene sends you big squishy hugs and kisses by the way.]

It’s now early morning, and we are getting ready to go out. Had a proper Ozzy day yesterday. Went to Hillsong in the morning, followed by coffee / breakfast at this really nice outdoor cafe. Chilled out in a Sunday style for the afternoon, played with the kids, followed by a proper Ozzy barby ! shrimps, snags and steaks. Superb. Washed that lot down with a few redbacks (nice one JR for recconding them!) and a few Crown Golds (David over here reccomended them 🙂

Today we are going back into Sydney, to visit Sydney aquarium – to see the Sharks !

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