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We are here !

(rushing this blog cos the internet cafe shuts soon and I’ve got loads to say).

Splendid few days we have had – since the last blog, we visited Sydney Aquarium – the have one of them under water glass tunnels, where we saw loads of sharks, giant turtles, Manta rays and other massive fish. They had loads of specimens – mainly barrier reef / Australian, but who needs more. We saw Tuna schools, baby manta’s (look like cartoon fish – massive eyes and very cute) Duck billed platypus and Felix loved the pat pat fish pool – got to touch a starfish. A blue one. very good. Did a tour of Sydney, went on the monorail – great views of the city. Great city. very laid back.

Got out motorhome yesterday – it’s MASSIVE. It’s better than we expected and we love it. Spent the fist night (last night) just outside Sydney in the ‘bush’. Not ‘a bush’, the ‘bush’. Woke up in absolute nature – that’s what I was after 🙂

Today we drove about 360km’s north up the pacific highway – what a fantastic, fascinating picture postcard road that is (beats the M60 any day!) and landed at a camp site (pictured above) in Forster, near Nabiac. Set up the van (plugged it in and stuff) and wandered to the beach which yiou can hear from the site – Superb. It’s nice. Eirene is now cooking satay chicken on the barby so I had better scoot back to the van… think tranquillo.

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