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Done a fair few miles (or should I say Kilometers) over the past few days. Stayed a while in Forster – that was a nice place. Got to see some glow in the dart mushrooms – pretty odd sight. First unpoluted view the souther skys – amazing. Clearly visable milky way, – a huge rash of stars.We followed Forster with another cool drive up the pacific highway again – That road just keeps getting better. Stopped off in a Koala breeding sanctuary called ‘billabong’. Got to pat a koala ! the Koala that we patted hid a baby in her pouch, who came out to say hello to us all – the warden says that it hardly ever does that. Also got to feed some wallebys and kangaroos. boing boing boing.

Trecked up to Nimbin As Eirene says it’s a very green place;

Imaging a Glastonbury festival that has set roots since the 1970’s, then put a sleepy wide road down the middle, liberally sprinkle hippies and psychadellic shops and you got Nimbim. It’s nice, but there is a bit of wierd vibe there – somethings going on that you can’t quite see on the surface, but you know it’s there. Bit like a Steven King novel waiting to happen (credit to Eirene for that line!). Interesting though non the less. This morning we left Niumbim and headed through the tweed valley towards Byron bay. The Tweed Valley is Mother Earth showing off. Lush green sub tropical vegitation, amazing mountains and hardly any cars or people.

We are now in Byron bay. Plenty ‘surfer types’ and bronzed bodies. ( I’m still fairly pasty white, but have got a pink nose.) Loads of backpackers – a pretty chilled vibe to the place. Great beach. Well – I’d better head back to camp. Macadamia Nut Satay snags on the barby ! Thanks for following so far 🙂

PS – (mum!) The boys are fine – Felix did have chickenpox, we had him checked out, and is his same old self, now – (a bit spotty)..

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