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well we have made it so far as to Neerdie to my Aunty Beryls (nana’s sister) and her octaganol shaped house. right of the highway that we have been folllowing so far. Really enjoyed Byron Bay such beautiful beaches and people and it seems all VW Camper vans that Oz has. Met three lovely lads that werent scared by people with kids so chjilled for a night with them then the next day went to watch them catch some waves and stand on the most easterly point. After we hit the road and ended up in Maroochedore on the most plush campsite ever. Ah luxery showers that are warm and wash all of you at once instead of having to choose which bit you want wet first. Fel;isx got to got on a cho cho train in ginger land and as we settle here in neerdie for the night with promises of dolphin petting in the morning I just hope that that big hairy spider is really more scared of me then I of him and he stays where he is over ther on the ceiling. Ciao for now.

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