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What a fun packed day we have just had. Before I go on =- The spider that Eirene Mentioned last night was a huntsman spider. It was about 3 to 4 inches across, and stocky very mean looking (I’m sure you can find a picture on the net). I’m sure it’s having a bit of a giggle at the visiting poms expense with it’s mates. There are so many wierd creatures and bugs round this neck of the world. The front of the van now looks like a zoo display board of wierd insects. (A few caine toads are also smeared around the wheel arches..)

So Today – After a tip off from Eirene’s Aunt, we went to a place called tin can bay – an inlet of the coast. We were told we could see dolphins there – and sure enough, a dolphin was there. I expected to see, at the most, a bit of a dolphin fin out in the bay, but in fact, it was right there in the bay. We waded in to our knee’s and she came to check us out. She was nearly as interested in us (especially Felix) as we were of her. She hung out with us for about half an hour, and kissed my hand ! In the afternoon, we came back to Neerdie and headed out for lunch at a place called snowy oak (I think) . A quiet little place in the midst of rural Queensland with Eirene’s Aunt. The owners of the place were nice – the garden was amazing. Loads of local trees – macadamia nut ( Super tasty nuts!) Giant Palms (Cuban Royals) as well as some massive golden orb spiders – big splindly spiders with a round butt. The make webs that look like they are made from gold thread.

After that we went into Gympie, a gold mining town that has recently started mining again (Gimpy gold has just floated – looks like a good stock!) interesting tidy small hilly town. and spent the late afternoon at a really nice park with a lake in the middle, feeding wierd birds, ducks and geese, and black swans with bits of bread and playing on the playground (well that was more Felix, but I had to join in) One of the best sunsets I’ve seen in my life – the whole sky went golden and pink, before it dozed off into violet. The new moon – faces in the other direction (I think)

Spent the evening chatting with Beryl and Mel, and now a bit of a sleep.

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