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well we have left the saftey of anuty beryl timmy and mels abode and continued on our way. Much thanks to them for all their hospitality and love and we hope to see them all again soon but where the water goes down the plug the other way hint hint to mel and tim to get their passports in orderand come and see dragon drop for real. Before we left we visited Gympie agricultural show and spent much time with felix getting on a tractor then off then on a lawnmower then off and so on . Watched some horse jumping and viewed the wide spectrum of people that Gympie has. Felix also tried to chat up three older women (age 9) carrying sweets but with no success better luck next time but a very good try. After Gympie we went on to 1770 where Captain Cook first landed on 24 may 1770. They were having their ‘Fete de Cook’ so everywhere was full so we ended up in gladstone not much there but factories smelting aluminium and a couple of power stations. Moving on swiftly we are in Rockhampton 26′ 29’30’ degrees on the tropic of capricorn. On to Yepoon and the kepple islands later. hope to see the reef and do a glass bottom boat tour.

I have written some poetry on the road it reads much more bleak then we feel so dont worry

The Outback

Passing places

A fleeting glance at the memories laid out for us to take

Changing in the blink of an eye

then undulating

Rolling on and on

the road snakes ahead and we follow where it leads,

Brain engaging only to follow another dormant line dot dot dotting ahead,

we pause before its tail to rest,

As stars close in

And twinkle how it is with scale to scare

And us so small cant even compare.

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