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After fleeting visit to Rockhampton, we headed towards the coast to a small place called Yepoon – we stayed at a campsite near there. Also close was Emu park, and Captain Cooks monument ‘The Singing Ship’ (a 100′ tall monument that sings in the wind)

We went on a day trip to the Kepple Islands. We got there in an open top boat – Felix loved that. The boat took us to one island, then to an off shore underwater observatory – here we got to see the reef without getting wet. corals and fish a plenty – even thought the wind was chopping the sea bed up a bit so visability was qiute poor but still impressive. We also went on a glass bottom boat ride over the reef, and saw all kinds of corals and things – this was great. We even saw some turtles that came to investigate what we were up to. – Here we spent on of the best days of our holidays so far. Spent the afternoon swiming, and hanging out on a beach on the island.

Fantastic, quiet tropical beach, – only us and a nice German family on a big picture postcard beach. Pure bliss. Whilst we were sat in our tropical paridise, I looked at my watch, and noticed that back home, it was about 07:30am – just about the time most people I knew were getting up for work. :o)

So -we headed north from there, and today – just got to a place called Bowen – on the coast of Australia just off the Bruce highway. Very nice looking from what we have seen so far – It’s nearly 30deg’s outside, Eirene and the kids have gone to the beach, and I’m sat in a little internet cafe, that’s (for Oldschool Vital Readers) just like the cafe was, but a bit hotter and brighter. The owners pretty cool. Ahh well – can’t stay here all day – sun to sit in etc. ! I can’t believe that we only have a few days left. I’m just getting into the swing of things.

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