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well here we are at Mission Beach in the heart of Queensland tropical rainforest. Had a walk today through it so amazing the trees are so high and vast and the area is so lush. they say it is a forest and yet is is so incomparable to any forest I have ever been in. A wall of sound hits you before you enter. you can here the creaking of the crickets the singing or the cicadas the chattering of the birds and the trample of the enormous spiders spinning their enormous webs all comming together in one beautiful discordant symphony of nature. Before here we were at Bowen. went snorkelling and saw so many pretty fish and flourescent coral and didnt get eaten.Nearly sat on a tree frog while going to the toilet and met lots of lovely people who come there for the winter. comming home very soon. it feels like this has been the longest week ever. wrote another peom gona try and fit it in in the allotted time

shrubs and trees along the wayside

over the hill as far as we ride

I dont know how on earth you survuive

with no water there to keeep you alive

sparse bleak landscape

with red oxide earth

waiting till the rains come

brining life and rebirth

this was written between Bowen and before a notoriously deserted area as you can read

so long xxxx


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