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Seems like ages since I last did a ‘proper blog’. I have been going through the transitional period from Hot tropics, Low stress, to cold UK, part of the machine again. It’s not as bad as it seems. It’s good to be back.

Went to a mini festival last Sunday – at the water mill in Patley Bridge. Felix enjoyed sitting on my shoulders, watching the live music. Got a pleasant surprise from the (rather polished rough diamond), band ‘Premier’, who I haven’t seen before – pretty much a U2 covers band, but great Pseudo Bono – spot on singing voice, agreeable pseudo Edge as well. Felix’s only complaint was that he didn’t know the words Ahh well – that’s rock and Roll.

Work Work and a bit of work.. lots of meetings, and new and improved systems for me to get my teeth into. A very short ‘intro week’ though – Wednesday, Thursday, Drove to Derby and back this morning and oh look, it’s nearly the weekend. All my clients and people that I need to call are mysteriously ‘out of the office for the afternoon’ today.

Hopefully going to Grassington up in’t Dales to see a friend and have a bit of Country Pub real ale. Right – back to it..

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