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Madcap few days of total contrast. Fairly messy weekend, unplanned as such but ended up bumping into a few friends on Friday. My intention was to go out for a couple of pints, and observe the world cup feaver. I was the only sober pedestrian when I got out. Everyone and his dog was squiffed,painted white and red. Ended up to be slightly more than a couple of pints and a bit of casual observation.

Saturday.. nice nice nice. Went up to the Dales to stay with Chris who is fresh back from France (unlike the national football team who are fresh back tofrance.) . His house, which I have never been to before is snuggled up in a far corner of Warfedale. Ahhh the view was epic. About 200 feet on a cliffside, looking right down a perfect view of the valley and the river below. Nice collection of people. We had a really great BBQ, with fresh fish caught earlier in the day (and some great snags and lamb). After dark, it again got quite messy, and we ended up rambling around the dales in total darkness. very interesting. Felix and Jaygo joined us on Sunday, and the rain trapped us inside for most of the day. Massive fry up, followed by a trip to the local village pub to drink some real ale Timothy Taylors best. (run out of landlords).

So – that was the weekend – chilled outness in the dales.

Yesterday, I re-immersed myself in rat race, by a trip across the horrid M62 to Liverpool for a meeting in the Liver Building (nice building right on the Mersey) followed by a jaunt down the equally horid M6 and M42 to the NEC near Birmingham for a trade show (called interbuild). Where I wandered round, chit chat to some people and won a football.

Dales v City ?….. Dales 3 City 0.

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