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Another fantastic weekend under our belts. It seems that it takes quite a while after babies to get back to life outside home or as my dad said to be seen as other then an interior economist (thats house wife to you and I). It really is due to the lovely people we have around us who make it possible for our social lives to exist so a huge thank you to you all. Really enjoyed Spider man. The effects were amaziing and kept me gluesd to the screen more so then the new star wars cant wait for the rest to be released. Afterwards I bounced home pretending to shoot web from my wrists and feet ( I know now that it isnt feet) and scaling walls to the amusment/fear/astoishment of passers by. Tday have had lots of fun and it is only 1524. Went to Joes Garage to put in an order for a van to carry us to womad. the reality of two adults and two kids sleeping in a two man tent nightmare kicked in after ticket purchase and it was felt by all thay a van is very much needed. Met Joe who is one of the people I have known for ages but had gone past the name asking stage so when he appeared it was a case of ”oh hello so you are Joe well isnt it a mall world. So keep fingers cvrossed fo a beauty van to come our way.

Ciao for now

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