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Interesting weekend. Very messy Friday. Ended up going a bit squff in some hotel residents bar at about 2 in the morning. Can’t remember much about the trip home. Quite fun non the less.

We are well into our new van. It’s like having a second home that you can move about. Went to IKEA on Saturday (strewth, it was busy!) to stock up on bits and bobs for the van. the list was sort of;

*A kettle

*Some cups

*Some cutlery

*A blanket

*A big pillow thing in giraffe print

*Some cleaning stuff

*Random other objects

Felix was at my mums, so after IKEA we went out for a picnic in the van. Sunday, we got up and had breakfast down at Knaresborough riverside. Very nice. (I hope the novelty never wears off!) Followed by a trip up to Darlington to see relatives. Paul was in Italy ! lucky him. Dropped the van of at Chick’s garage (newly aquainted VW specialist mechanic – top bloke!) to get sorted for it’s M.O.T.. Today has been hectic at work. Still got quite a bit to do, but having a pseudo break / busmans holiday and writing a blog. At the end of the day, work = tapping away on keyboards a lot of the time and leisure = tapping away on keyboards a lot of the time. Hopefully I’ll be able to offset the desk tied balance with a bit of van adventure from now on.


Looks like we may be getting a bit of a summer – latest watchcam collection now online. click here to visit it.

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