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There is a pattern emerging. I’d like to start out by saying “Messy Friday night” but that’s how I started the last blog. Got classically drunk. Comedy drunk. Quite a big gang of us – Eirene, Maria, Denise Tina and myself. I thought it was going to be a scary ‘girls night out with a token bloke (me)’ but it soon levelled off when Maria brought round her bloke – nice Scottish bloke – Leon. Just before we went out Mark stumbled round (Brian) with a few tins. On our way out, we bumped into Simon Wigg so it was even Stevens and stevettas. Incidents include, special brew, getting lost on the stray, getting told off in ASDA for trying to use one of there kiddie trolleys (ASDA is now 24 hours!)

Saturday, we went out in Humbrum, collected Mark and Vicki, and went to Masham. Sat in the field next to the river by the bridge all day in the van. very nice. Set up the awning (or motoring chalet as it says on the label!) which is great – makes the van even bigger. got a load of quality scran from a deli in Masham (well worth a visit) and hung out there all evening. would have liked to have stayed over but it said NO CAMPING where we were.

Sunday – not to dissimilar – went to a camping exhibition (we’re well into it all now as you can probably tell!) and hung out there all day – we were joined by Anna and Damian. We bought a camping sofa. It’s great. It’s this thing that lives in a little bag, when you open it, it turned into a 2 people sofa. tres bon.

since then, stressed out couple of days at work. Went to derby yesterday, Wakefield today. So – back to the last few bits and bobs that I have to do today then a bit of telly at home I think.

before I go, I’ve just done this stupid online quiz (as plugged by Simon W.) Here is the result I got;

You can take the quiz yourself (or “The Most Useless Test Ever”) here.

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