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Went to the ‘Harrogate Fiesta’ last weekend in the valley gardens. Like the car that it shares it’s name with, the event was ‘small, quiet, conservative and safe’. The music was fair enough – “world music” well performed. The event was only let down by Harrogate Borough Councils ‘safe’ attitude. The PA volume was safe, the music was safe (must not offend anyone.. don’t make any waves) and the safest bit of all – it’s finishing time – 18:00 !

I’m not suggesting that I’d agree with it going on until the wee hours (well… actually I would agree with that, but for the sake of this argument….) but it could have gone on until at least 21:00. It seemed such a shame, to deny all the people that attended, a bit of a shin dig. Can’t Harrogate Borough Council see what people want ? I know it’s in a residential area, but an 18:00 finish is pathetic. Seemed a shame to set up that rig, for what was in effect 2 bands for a small set each. There is so much local talent around – couldn’t they have carried on the night with some local bands / DJ’s ? Ahh well – Harrogate will never be a Brighton when it comes to public services !

After that we went to Knaresborough for a party celebrating a friends brothers birthday / moving in party. very nice. Had to turn down the vodka jelly because I was driving. !

This week, we are winding up to a big mission at the weekend – we are going to WOMAD festival (also see BBC’s WOMAD website). Should be nice.

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