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Womad was great. got there on Friday night after a very long and sticky drive down in the mighty humbrum. found a superb spot to camp and set up. Set the awning out, met up with Dave and got base camp one established. Mark, Vicky Rick and Sammy came by to say hello. We all sat in the evening sun for a bit and then put the kids to bed. That went very well – perfect design. Saturday wobbled round in the heat, saw some music, absorbed the culture. That’s the thing about Womad for me – it’s not really the music, it’s the culture. You can feel it – it feels like you could be anywhere in the world – a dusty track in India, with people selling all kinds of weird stuff by the side of the road, all kinds of costume a clothes. great stuff. Saturday night went for an epic festy wander with everyone. Bumped into Mike and Haley and Matt Collins. Went to sit by Matt’s fire for a bit, then went for more walking. Went to collect my bongo’s and found a drum circle. top banana. By this point, I wasn’t in much of a drumming mood, after a near collapse experience (probably dehydration – don’t worry mum!). Sunday – I hung out by the camp all day, but everyone else went to the arena to sit under the flags one last time and absorb some quality world musics. I caught up on some well needed sleep before driving us all home. Should be sticking some interesting photo’s up soon…

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