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just getting my email sorted out today. Hotmail has deleted all my previous addresses so not happy having to start from scratch with parts of my cyber life wiped out. hopeing to enrole in photography basic at collage so expect some trainie photos comming soon. Also felt really aaaarrraaaggh tonite so after eating as much choc as could possibly manage decided to paint. It is a fantastic way of regaining positivity. feel so much better and looking forward to introducing felix to disney and chillin with emma. denise has just started an interior design course so maybe dragondrop is in line for a bit of an inspired facelift (would be cool)

bit of a poem comming up hope u like it ciao 😉


up to date got to chase

a race to keep your mails in place

backwards forwards side to side

my brain is surfing the cyber ride

replying deleting

my attention is fleeting

sites addressing pictures I’m guessing

fire walls complete balls

flowers banned as my computer calls

why we do it

I know why

addiction to power

and the information high

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