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Hello. It has been a while since our last blog but we have been busy so I shall make up for my tardiness now. Friday was Simons birthday pub-crawl. Met at the Weatherspoons pub (how u spell it I don’t know!). Everyone said that it is huge and they weren’t joking. The weather cleared into a beautiful evening, which we took full advantage of by sitting outside. Simon loved his present of a severed green robotic hand, voice activated for extra amusement and mantle piece madness. My only complaint is that they don’t have salt and lime for tequila shots. What is a birthday without tequila? What is a pub without salt and lime? So we had to make do with a catalogue of lethal shots as chosen by nick (well done). Saturday we went to baby Finlays welcoming party. Fi and Ian layed on a fantastic feast and bbq and beer (nothing better to cure the night before) while the kids played all day on the bouncy castle and ball pool. Although Felix seemed to enjoy entertaining three ladies (average age 3 1/2) in Finlays room. A sign of things to come I think. Sunday we chilled and watched big beach boutique on video (courtesy of heather) with roger and relived all those Brighton moments while trying to see us in the crowd of 245000 (not likely). Then it was 24’s penultimate episode arrrrgh cant wait till next week for the conclusion. In a way I don’t want it to end as it has been going on since before Australia. Sundays wont seem quite the same. And today our BIG news is we have a other new arrival to Dragon Drop. I would like to welcome misty a grey and cream amber eyed Persian to the chaos that we live in. She is beautiful 3 years old and very friendly. lets hope that Casper and Jasper feel the same. Look out for photo coming as soon as matt downloads his next lot. So there we have it a full on weekend and a newcomer I don’t think life is ever boring here.

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