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Rain Rain and more rain. That’s what’s been happening. Is it a global change in the weather incarnate, or is this normal ? I think it’s normal – these conditions are probably just a tiny blip on the grand scheme of things.

Got a new phone – a Sony Ericsson 68i. Want to get into MMS. It’s got a built in camera (some pix to follow soon) very happy with it.

Great weekend. Went to Vicky’s birthday party – a garden party, and the rain decided to stop for it ! fantastic BBQ (lamb tastic in fact). Loads of nice people. Guitars, Drums (Congas, Bongo’s Djembe) provided the atmosphere, with help from a pile of beers. Slept in Humbrum. When we got home, I got on with the project of setting up a home cinema ! borrowed a TV card from Simon (Thanks mate!) – net result after standard windows ‘new thing happening – better crash and cause a few problems’ nightmares the net result was an 8′ cinema screen at one end of our room, with top quality sound. Intended to watch the last 24, but was told that it’s next week ! Ahh well.

Back at work today. About 5 meetings this week, so this is the quiet before the storm.

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