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Superb day / night yesterday. It started out with a small plan of having a couple of friends over for dinner (Mark R and Vic), and turned into a full on dinner party of 11. Top skills by Ben, on the cooking – superb curry(s) – nice one.Hangovers are not that good. Trashed the days plans so far already. Intended to do a car boot sale this morning, but did not – Mark N came to meet us there as well. How bad did I feel when we were not there ? So – Eirene and the kids have gone with Mark R back to his house to get something, and there are still a few people asleep here. Mark R did not realise that we had (again) drawn a big beard and glasses on him with fat pens once he passed out. Good laff. anyway – lets see what the day brings. hopefully nothing to hectic.

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