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Still in London. Wandered round Camden for a bit, now near Kings Cross in a nice litter internet cafe. Never been to Camden before. It’s an interesting place. Loads of neon / cyber hippie / goth type shops and stalls, it’s pretty buzzing. The thing really noticed was the ‘look’ of all the people (perhaps not all – just go with it for now) and all the shops are the same. It’s trying to be different, but it has got its own brand and image – I guess it’s working. Reminds me a bit of Amsterdam, perhaps crossed with a film set. I felt a bit of an outsider in a suit. Suite in the boot.

I bought the worst box of matches ever today. Made in Slovakia for Samaco Ltd. London N1 6JD, these matches ignited for a nano-second before going out. Not enough time for the wood to catch light. Even in zero wind conditions. Had to use a bundle of 5 to get a light. Awful habit. Lighting matches. Out of the macro view of my day, back into the ‘bigger picture’..(Catching up on the ups and downs of work email.. again). It’s cool in one sense that one can work / communicate / do stuff from anywhere, but there is still this remote “can’t really get my teeth into fixing” some of the problems that are kicking off at work. Ahh well. We’ll all still be here on Monday. So will the problems. Going out tonight with mate from work who lives down here.

Missing family.. They are coming to meet me in London tomorrow, and we are off to a family re-union in Shipton Bellinger (no idea if that’s spelt right, or where it is.). There. That’s sort of got a beginning, middle and end, so I think I’llsignoffnowbcausethespacebaronthiskeyboardhasbroken.

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