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What a crazy few days – it’s been a fantastic weekend. Friday night – stayed in, had a quite one. Saturday, we went to Leeds and Eirene and the kids allowed me to choose my Birthday present (tomorrow!) from one of my favorite shops in the whole world knock on wood. Always liked the the idea of and sound of Tablas. I had a go on a friends set of tablas at womad, and thought… yea – I could get into this. It’s a very long journey, and a lot to learn, but that’s part of the enjoyment – the learning. I’ve got quite a healthy collection of percussive instruments now -= tablas, congas, bongo’s and a few other bits and bobs. So – Saturday, thru till today has featured quite a lot of tabla talcum powder action, interrupted by cabbage on Saturday night – always a top time. Full on club, “leave your ego at the door” kind of place, great time. Got in around 05:00 (well – it was my prior to Birthday weekend!) and nattered for a few hours, to be joined by Felix and Jaygo at around 07:30 Sunday morning. Got some sleep later on in the morning, and woke up surprisingly feeling fine at about 13:00 Sunday afternoon. So then, we went to the Chinese State Circus ! – this was a fantastic spectacle, and a 2000 year old tradition. An amazingly polished routine of everything from kung fu, to Chinese Dragons, to spinning plates, acrobatics and bungee trapeze. The colour and moment were superb – there were people doing the most amazing things – Sheffield is the next venue – I can highly recommend it.

Anyway – it’s Tuesday night now, and I’m going home for a pre birthday beer or 2.

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