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What a fantastic Birthday I had ! Thanks to everyone – especially those who got me prezzys, cards or food !

New slippers, Set of Tablas, single malt, a sheep, espresso pot, chocolate, 20 Marlboro – what a cool list :o)

Yesterday was great at work. I was met my mum, Eirene and the kids and we went to the local cafe – Simon Giles and a few others were there as well.. Eirene embarrassed me by getting the cafe owners to bring out a cake, with sparklers in ! (I was sure the fire detectors were going to go off!). Wore my slippers round work for most of the afternoon. Got home, and went to the orchid for a v.nice meal, followed by a couple of pints of TT Landlord at the Bell Inn. Superb. They can’t get much better than that.

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