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Superb fun packed weekend.

Friday – Went out with Luke round Chiswick. That was a bit of a larf. Went to a put that he claims in “one of the best pints of Stella in London” The pelican in wandsworth (As far as I can remember). Don’t know why I’ve shifted onto Stella by the way. Maybe I’ll get back onto the Guinness for the winter.

Saturday – met up with Eirene and the kids at Kings Cross (I can now well understand why he’s cross with all the new development going on round there) with the mission of going to her Uncle Johns and Aunty Pat’s for a big family re-union / bbq / celebration of Tristans 21st / celebration of James passing his exams. Any of the above would have been a good excuse for a party, but all together gave extra reason for a mass celebration. They had really pulled out all of the stops, including the making of a bar with actual taps of beer and lager. Very nice.

Sunday – Went to Stonehenge. Always wanted to go there. It’s amazing to think that these massive blocks of stone were erected without the use of a single JCB / crane / low loader – no even little ones. Some of the blocks came from Wales. Interesting vibe at the place. Not as magical / mystical as I’d perhaps anticipated, due to the fact it was disneyfied ever so slightly by the barriers, the electronic guided tours and the high volume of tourists. What did I expect though – a load of naked witches dancing round a sacrificial lamb ? Out of season anyway. Superb though. Also interesting were the burial grounds, dotted around the surrounding countryside. Once pointed out, these ‘mounds’ are to be seen all over the place. I tried my best to imagine seeing these things 4000 years ago(when they were built). It must have been such a known event. Everyone in the country must have heard of it. Awe inspiring stuff. There are plans to re-route the main roads near the place and move the visitor centre away from the site, so that a 4000 acre plot of land will be left untouched, as it was intended. This plan gets 2 thumbs fresh from all at DragonDrop.

Watchcam Photo’s from the weekend will be online soon. (watch this space)

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