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hello. it has been a long while since my last blogg time in cyberspace goes so quickly. I have been having lovely time bimbling about. at the moment my thoughts are centred around tinas surprise birthday and the burgening success of dragon drop’s writers forum. the forum now christened dragon drop forum to go along with dragon drop events and dragon drop blogg read. aaaaaaaarragh we are taking over the world. so the founding members of dragondrop writers forum are Vicki, Jamie, Damian,Chris, Anna and I. the meetings are held every three weeks and if you have any further questions the click on the forum and go to writers forum where soon you will be able to find extracts of work we have produced and general information from what has occured in the last meeting and whatever else we feel is relevant. We ask you to repesct this forum and remember We are all amature but aspiring writers. any constructive comments will be welcome. we are off to get some air at brimham rocks hopefully blow away some cobwebs pick some blackberries and do some bouldering.


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