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Life since last entry: Tuesday – nowt much, Wednesday – ditto, apart from a trip out to (Near) Scarborough on a work mission. Wednesday (yesterday) a big party to Celebrate Tina’s Birthday. That was cool. We had a Casino theme in the Dining room, Big Casino (nearly spelt it Casio then.. watchcan junkie) sign in the entrance, with fairy lights around it. We sent out the invites, without Tina knowing to most of Tina’s favourite people, asking them to Dress Casino. Roulette Table, Card table, chips. Lots to drink, and some Bossa Mundo, Música Feliz De Brasil on the Stereo. Happy fun night. Tina got a scooter and we all got sparklers.

Getting set for a day at the office tomorrow, doing a gig tomorrow night, and then up to Scotland at the weekend.

DragonDrop Facts. Some stats about this site:

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