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It’s been non stop. Sleeping is cheating.

Friday night, I had a gig. A private party, to someone with a shed load of cash. (for those who don’t know, I occasionally play a bit of congas and bongos alongside DJ’s.) Had a massive PA set up on a marquee. great lights, and fully supported by engineer (Al) and desk op (Blake), and I was in turn, supporting the maestro Paul Q on the decks. Got loads of nice free scran and beer early doors from canopy offering waitresses and a shooter boy. It was a birthday party, and I think one of the gifts for birthday girl was a bunny boy half naked bloke with a holster carrying 2 bottles of tequila and a load of shooter glasses round him, topped off with bunny ears and bunny tail and that’s about it. got a bit messy, got in at about 5:00 am.

Saturday morning, 9:00am onwards we set off for North Berwick (pics here soon). Broke down in Humbrum, but not very badly – fantastic service form the good old AA breakdown service. Back on the road. got to North Berwick in Scotland. Got there and was greeted by what has over the last 3 visits started to tur into one of my favourite places in the world. A blissed, blessed flat, overlooking enchanted beach. Already filled with some of my best friends on the world. Dave, however, perhaps felt slightly differently for a whole after I announced that I had dented his brand new car. oops. , I had a couple hours kip, before going out for a few beers down the local, and a few games of pool. Got some chips on the way home. Quite a lot of chips, and some fish. also went to the off licence, where Ben nearly got us into a scrape, by saying “let Herman Munster in first”…. “HERMANN MUNSTER AM I NOW !” Questioned the 7’3″ Neanderthal. Situation swiftly diffused by Mark “Ignore him mate – he’s a ****** ” Anyway – went back to the flat and parties till Wrong O’Clock. Slept till 5, pottered about, watched the fantastic view for a few hours. Had one of the funniest moments of the weekend.. A young lad, must have been about 8 decided to go for a discreet wee on the beach. Carefully he surveyed the scene, and failed to notice about 8 people staring in his direction out of a window 15m away. Got his todger out and started peeing on the beach – carefully keeping an eye over his shoulder whilst his parents carried on walking down the beach. Subtle Mark knocked on the window to attract the lads attention. Poor chap! 8 nutters cheering and laughing at his expense. He will never recover. His parents were desperately trying to disguise their own muffled roar of a laugh from him, as he hurriedly, self consciously, tried to catch them up on the beach. Later, the remaining few went out for a meal in the local bistro (MMMmmmm – top nosh!) Supreme chicken on Haggis mash. Yes. Everyone else had skink broth. also – v.good. Set off after the meal and got in for about 1:20. slept.

MondayGot up, went to work, came home to work for the rest of the day. Had pretty much all of the NB crew round for dinner – Chris Rhino cooked up a storm – nearly a whole Yorkshire lamb, with all the trimmings. Fantastico. Slept.

TuesdayGot up, went to work, meeting, went to Huddersfield, meeting, came back to work, went to Birstall (Leeds, Wakefield area) – meeting, came back to work – meeting. Went for a swift pint with Les, came home. Typed a blog, whilst eating egg beans and chips. Food rules. Missing Felix, who is on holiday in Devon with GranmaBampa.

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