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Last night a car full of us went to see ‘The Cinematic Orchestra’ at the

Cockpit in Leeds. Safe to say that it was some of the finest live music we

had seen in a long while. A 6 piece Jazz fusion collective.

A charismatic Buddy Rich style drummer lead most of the directions from

fast breakbeat through funk and pure Jazz breaks. Alongside, the anchor of

the band was provided by the solid bass playing skills of a seriously deep


A young but soulful junior Diva took the mike pounding lyrics from the

hip. Her hip hop and the black gospel tinged vibes interlaced with the

freeform sax like brother and sister. The organic met the analogue with a

mo town mo wax thinking hammond organ player. The organics, met the

analogue, met the digital with none other than the original Ninja Tunes,

DJ Food’s PC who gave it the licks on the decks and 606 squidge box.

Interestingly, the band had allowed itself not to be dominated by any

guitar. A refreshing absence for a 6 piece.

The cockpit was rammed, but not cramped, the captive audience,post student,

style crowd stood and grooved to the tripped out new sounds before them. As

always with a good gig, it was all over far to quickly.They have a few more

dates left in the UK, before they head out to Belgium. Catch em if you can.

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