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Interesting week, most of it.. interesting, apart from Wednesday, which for the most part was a bad luck day. A highlight was getting back in touch with some old friends (Rumy and Sylvère) from Amsterdam, who are having a baby. Looking forward to hooking up with them when I go over.

Wigg has published his photo’s from Fionn’s party last weekend.

Also found out that Vicki (sorry – not a very nice photo!), Bongo and Les are also going to be over there when we are!)

We are doing this thing now – Water only on Mondays and Thursdays. It’s supposed to be good for you.

So the week was a bit like this…

Monday – Had a client over from Dublin during the day, on the evening, we got our hotel for Amsterdam sorted out. Very nice it is as well – A 5 star down town pad that we got amazing rates at.

Tuesday – Not much occurring.

Wednesday – Had a horrible morning, everything went wrong. I had to go to the bank – got there for just before 09:00 – pushed for time, as I had a 10:30 in York. The bank, decided not to be open, until 09:30 on Wednesday. Went to a meeting in York. Couldn’t find a parking space, eventually found one about 15 mins walk form my meeting, and it started chucking it down.. no coat. Decided to find another parking space, got there with 5 mins to spare, meaning that I had to run to my meeting. After the meeting, got back to the car, checked my mails, everything was going wobbly with my projects back at the office. Tried to start the car – no joy. Had to call the RAC out, who said that I had a broken battery. Had it fixed. back at home spent the afternoon, sorting projects, when I wanted to get some proposals written (from home). Ahh well – it wasn’t all bad.. Humbrum was fixed, she now runs like a dream, tested the Hills Absinthe that Dave brought me back from CZ Republic. Got in touch with Rumy and Sylvère. Had a cool chat – discovered that Rumy runs a blog – its tops as well.

Thursday – Wrote proposals, sorted out my projects.

Friday – only just started. Power brews are great.

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