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Hello, it has been again so long since my last blogg I feel quite out of touch. I will try and make it my early resolution to enter cyberspace after the kids go to bed. Have had a great weekend. Met up with Tinana and Denise at Montys then on to crabtrees to swim in the obligitory pitcher of vodka and redbull. 4 pitchers later and it was offf to Kaths house (old school mate recently moved homw and her room hasnt changed a bit since I was last there age 16) then to the Harrogate Arms to dance the night away. Felt 17 all night and loved it. V.sore nech the next day from all the moshing. Next day went to an Alternative healing fair in Ilkley ( my first big trip out in Humbrum which also involved reverse parking on a busy road without killing ourselves or innocent passers by well I suppose they could have popped into the fare for some reiki).Lots of stalls and interesting poeple also doing aura photography (would love to see felix ans jaygos aura) and best of all a stall upstairs with fantastic carrot cake. We ate in the van then set offff home arriving tired and just in time to hear Matt Collins birthday surprise shout via matts mobile. Lovely birthday party lots of great people a dj and bonfire charades rounded off my saturday perfectly and I crawled home early with maria not going wrong via the Bilton Hilton this time. So I am in Darlington with Matts relatives looking after the kids so I can write this. Felix’s birthday on thursday. he is having a hungry catapiller fancy dress birthday party. He wants to go as a cocoon!


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