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Hello I am sat at the desk typing this with Casper our original cat nosing at the keys while sat on my lap. It has been a while since she has shown anyone here any great affection really since misty arrived (I think it put her nose right out). They hey are going to have to all learn to get along as it is going to be a proper cold winter this year (I am hoping for lots of snow).Felix and I shopped for sparkles and other materials to make things for and at his b’day. Am I a glutton for punishment expecting 8 small people to sit and play with glitter and make butterflies at 3.00 in the afternoon? I too have my doubts but we shall see. The dragon drop inhabitants have succumbed to the stomach bug sweeping Britain but it doesn’t seem to be holding anyone back as everyone bar me is off doing things this evening (so long as they aren’t too far from a toilet). My evening shall mostly be spent writing a new kids short story so all wishes of luck will be gratefully received.


PS DJ shadow will be playing Leeds tomorrow. How good would that be?

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