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Hello. Today I have mostly been preparing for felixs birthday party. I think I am almost as excited as he is. We are hoping to wake up before him in the morning as matt is up at daft oclock and surprise him with breakfast in bed. A fantastic way to start a day of partying and sweetie eating. I love it when the kids have birthdays . They can do whatever they want watch stupid amounts of telly and eat sweets til they are sick chase the cats, basically anything goes. Managed to write the first paragraph of my story last night before a very drunken chris staggered in clutching a bottle of vodka and a carton of cranberry juice. i am sure you can see why I only got to the end of the intro I think if I had continued it wouldnt have deffinately gone off on a tipsey tangent and who knows where it would have ended up. Maybe a project for another time.


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