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Yea so what a slacker I’ve been this past week. Loads of stuff happened. Felt v.rough for the early portion of the week, due to a fun fun fun weekend. Legendary. The 8 stag chaps eventually got to Amsterdam, late Friday night. Went to a coffee shop shortly after checking in and it went from there really. A tour of the city on foot (miss not having a bike out there !) after meeting up with an old acquaintance. Not much in the way of sleep occurred. Saturday, it was out for a croque mousier, followed by more beer. Met up with Rumy and Sylvere for a while in the afternoon. Later, some of the clan watched Ireland play rugby (result) while a splinter group, checked out the hotel’s sauna and pool complex (inc. me). That night took us on a tour of the city’s bars and clubs, intermingled with a load of dares that Steve has to do. This livened up the evening.. so did all the sambuka’s that were passed round at regular intervals. Another late night / early morning – one that I will NEVER forget. Superb. Splendid.

I enjoyed the assumed roll of cultural attache / tour guide (having lived there for a year), and it all seemed to go well – No complaints anyway. Mark’s stag do there sometime next year, should be a larf.

“Get Amongst It !” The adopted phrase of the weekend, was a great companion.. flexible and versatile.

The rest of the week has been steady away – can’t remember much of Monday or Tuesday. Went to St. Helens on Wednesday, Cleckhudderfax yesterday, and tried to catch up on office work today. No plans for the weekend. lets see what happens.

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