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So – quick recap on the bits I missed, and life up to date, as I just about know it….

Friday – Went out for a quick pint with Dave on the evening after epic “I’ll never forget it” type journey back from Luton. Ended up going back to his house, with Jamie, and Al joined us. Dave’s mum, who is down from The Highlands of Scotland at the moment fed us haggis, tatties and neeps. Top spot. Followed by some of her superb cake.

We then watched a film – “Sexy Beast” – It’s a gangster film staring Ray Winstone, Ben Kingsley and a few other winning Brit actors. – very good.

A telly day ensued on Saturday, due to the pants weather(No complaints from the wee men). Watched England Thrash S.Africa at the Rugby (Dave and Jamie were there, so we were trying to spot them in the crowd) Eirene and Nees died there hair. Nees now has bright red hair and Eirene has blond dreds. Sunday, bit of this, bit of that. Bit of a tabla lesson in the afternoon, and a bit of fixing up my mates website.

Then – this morning. Arrgh ! everything and it’s dog was boiling over. I’m going to waft home now.

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