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Well… the pattern of life is, at the moment, “work.. work.. work”

Had a great time at Neese’s surprise birthday party at the R bar on Wednesday. DJ skillage by Steve Layton and Scary – splendid as usual. Used the in house system instead of bringing a proper one in worked out OK. (The bass was a bit muffly and distorted). Speakers outside were a bonus. There were not that many people there (Everyone seems to be subscribing to the ‘do not party on a school night’ ethic at the moment in the run up the the Christmas party season) But the people that did turn up were all lovely and had a top time. I ended up coming home after, and a load of people went to po-naa’s, then back here till wrong O’Clock in the morning. (I managed to sleep through most of it!) Thanks to Simon for babysitting 🙂

Went to London on Friday, Had a successful day, busy, busy.. On the evening, I decided to stay in (Hotel) and get on with some work. Much to the surprise of Simon and Chris etc. who were trying to get me to go out for beers with them round London – It was quite hard turning down the offer, but I had lots to catch up on. Sounds quite dull, but I’m glad I did I stayed in.

Traveled back from London on Saturday – quickest ever Kings Cross to York time I think – 1 hour 56 mins ! – Nice quite train, (better than comutersville Friday night hell anyway)

How dull is my life at the moment ?

Even turned down going to cabbage last night – didn’t feel up to it ! What kind of lame excuse is that ? ! Today, a load of people I know are off to Big Chill, (Cargo, Shoreditch, E1 London. ) I could have gone. So could Eirene. We are maybe getting old or something.

So – very heavy rain this morning, meant that no plans involved the great out doors. Now, it’s sunny and Al and April are coming round – may go and get some air / countryside / blow the cobwebs away somehow. Need a bit of that – not feeling my usual happy self today.

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