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Went on a works Xmas night out last night, at the Majestic hotel. Penguin

outfits and all that jazz. Actually, it was mainly all that Slade. The food

was fantastic.Salmon thingy for starter, very nice beef fillet followed by

a chocolate tart. Lots to drink. Bit of dancing. Good company. Enjoyed lots

by all.

It was indeed, a classic hotel Christmas party. It’s still strange to me

being at one of those after working a Christmas season in a hotel one year

(or was it 2? might well have been) on beverages. Having to deal with

massive volumes of drunk punters, and worse, people who get drunk but one a

year, then clean up after them. There were some very good times amongst

those days though.

I am in Humbrum at the moment, remote blogging (current time 09:02 GMT..

mailto blog has been messing the times up on the last few tries), because I

slept here last night.. because I *ahem* lost my door key last night

(oops.. try to track down today)

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