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Yep. I’ve had a pretty full on day today. I awoke at wrong O’clock (04:13) and stared at my eyelids for an hour or so, before thinking – I’m wide awake, buzzing with thoughts – smile, it’s a new day.. make the most of it. So I did – I was in work before 06:00 and I got a massive amount done today. Finished a big proposal, get most of the way through a presentation and cleared a load of project problems out of the way. Also started thinking about lecture I’ve been invited to do on “the Internet Business / what’s it like working on the internet?” – where do I start with that one ??!! – “Here – have a look through and you’ll get my perspective.” Well – my mainly off line perspective and non work related stuff.

I’ve been in a tip top mood all day. Partially because the day was so big, and I had loads of it. I’m glad it was a long day when I was in a top mood, rather than a ratty one. I quite like the getting into the office really early thing – usually the first one there (others start coming in from 07:30 onwards) I would quite like to get into the habit – it’s good for me I think. We will see how the id and superego battle it out !

Well as of ‘what’s up’ I’ve got a busy few days. Back to Birmingham tomorrow. London and Oxted on Thursday, back into the gate for Thursday night. Eirene and Tina ‘ll be in Amsterdam by that time.

It’s good to see Eirene get back amongst the blogs. Honestly, you don’t see one for weeks, then 3 come along at once.

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