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It is our last day in Amsterdam then back to travel then home. It is so much easier flying from an airport close by then like before when we have flown from as far away as Luton. Today it is a lot warmer so only had to wear five layers. Rumy came to the hotel to meet us. It is so nice to see her and her bump. Actually got to go on a tram today something I used to do everyday. Everyone jammed together swaying as it winds through the narrow streets. Good opportunity to people watch and see what’s new and what’s still there. Rumy’s new house is very close to where we used to live. It has a garden and a budding nursery for the new bebe. Very nice very comfy. We are sat now having a picnic and enjoying our last half and hour here with Rumy before going to the airport to catch our plane (I hope)

ciao 😉

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