New Years Eve

Well that time is upon us again. New Years Eve is one of them bookmarks in your life where you tend to take stock on what’s happened over the last 365 days and wonder what’s going to happen in the next. So – Highlights of this year for me were;

Australia (pics)

Amsterdam visit1 and visit2.

Creating this blog

Getting a colour watchcam

Fat boy Slim, Brighton Beach (Big Beach Boutique II)(pics) (video)

Getting Humbrum

Going to Stonehenge

Getting Misty

And Womad Festival

As well as countless parties, nights out, days out, birthdays and larfs. Friendships. Old and New. I love you.

Happy New Year.

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  1. Kthnxbai 2012, oh HAI 2013!
    Kthnxbai 2012, oh HAI 2013! at |

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