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went to see The Two Towers last night with Matt. I was so worried that it wouldnt hold up to “The Fellowship” and it would be a big dissappointment. But it was amazing. So very dark and enchanting. It held us enraptured for the full duration of the film something you dont usually say about a sequal. I think part of the reason it still has the same magic as the first is that they were all filmed at the same time. The background is amazing and makes me want to go to New Zealand so much. the high peaks and rollling landscape and if you look very carefully above the Ents you can see the Southern Cross a reminder that magic and fantasy are still around. Im off iceskating today with denise and Matt and the kids are off with Al to Grassington for a lovely stroll out. I hope they have a great time in the open air and we come together for a chill evening.

ciao. 😉

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