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(As Eirene said!) We went to see the Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers last night. What a fantastic film that is. I think that the film, or in fact the trilogy will go down as “Amongst the greatest films ever made”. The main thing that strikes me is the attention to detail. The set, the costume the animation – no shortcuts, no half baked substitutes. We bumped into friends on the way to the cinema. I was asked “Have you read the book recently” – “No” said I. Her theory was that if you have not read the book recently you would enjoy it a lot more. I enjoyed it immensely. I remember hearing an interview on Radio 1 the day after it was released in the States. the interviewee said “It’s a lot bigger and a lot darker” (drawing a comparison between this and The Fellowship) – It didn’t make that much sense at the time, now, it makes perfect sense.

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