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Yesterday was nice. I took the boys up into the Dales with Al. They looked fabulous.We went to Jamies cottage, then to Bartons house. We went for a little walk through Bartons village, saw ducks, Swaledale Sheep, horses, and some tractors, and quad bikes which Felix really likes. The fresh snow on the hills is a joy to see. Sunset over the dales from the tops was magical – the light was fantastic. It went from searing cobalt blue sky into a golden warm watery wintry sun glow, crisp and sharp air. This gave way to a bright pink sky, which flicked off the snow capped hills and made every view a special sight. I wished I’d had a proper camera with me. I snapped a few watchcam shots, but they do not do any of it justice. I guess I’ll just have to revert to the memory banks!

Today, it’s back to work, normality, the party is over :o( Ahh well – life goes on. There must be gloom to make the boom seem better.New watchcam collection coming soon..

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