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Just had an email from a friend who was also up in’t glorious Dales yesterday.. she captured the vibe and her view of it all and packed it off in an email to me…. to nice not to share…

I didn’t go for a pint yesterday, but steered my car in the direction of

“Dales” too, and ended up walking the length of Littondale (well, parked

somewhere really snowy then Walked!) Read you last blog, and I totally saw

what you saw! Unbelievably blue sky – like it was summer in the tropics-

behind craggy old hawthorn trees, a man pulling his two year old behind him

on a sledge from his tractor as he went to give three (tame?) sheep hay on

Arncliffe village green, and I got caught out by a bit of snow before

driving back through Grassington and almost driving off the road ‘cos the

sky just needed me to look at it! The best bit was when the pink turned to a

really luminescent mandararin before seguing off into a turquoise so light

it was almost transparent..

Also saw a huge trout from the bridge at Hawkscliffe which scarpered (in a

fishy kind of way) as soon as it saw me looking down at it. Clear, clear


I’m back home… aah.

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