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Just got back in and the house is deserted. Family out to lunch! This morning I went fly fishing with Al for grayling (“the lady of the stream”)

Nowt biting.

Live update – family returned – they had been out for lunch with Mum and John (Show’s what faith my family had in me returning with a feast! ). So – last night, went round a couple of pubs in Grassington. Hatched a plan to go on a Snowdon adventure sometime this year. Also tried to figure out how many countries, apart from Wales, do not have a national spirit – or do they ?. Hmm – so – stayed at Jamie’s in Conistone, went fishing in the Warfe. Nice peaceful thing to do. Feel very chilled now. standing in the middle of a clean flowing river, with nothing around but nature. Immersed in nature feeling from being in the middle of the river on a cold (ish) winters day. Saw some rutting rams as well. This is the only time a sheep looks vaguely cool.

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