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The call of the full moon brought some great vibes to our gig last night. Dharma was tops – big thanks to Al who helped us get the PA and kit sorted. Just the right amount of people – loads of dancing, smiling and frivolity. We did stick the last 90 mins on DAT, this may get dumped to a CD at some point. It was great playing with Dharma again. Missed it – used to do every Friday with him. More giggage next week for me – Bar Med in Harrogate with Tom Taylor (Poo Naa Naa’s ) and Buckley (Mint Club, Leeds). Should be interesting. Have not played there before.

My hands are killing me today from bashing hell out of my congas for several hours last night. Well worth it ! Had a few people back here after the gig, and now, there’s Eirene and myself, with Dave, Chris and Mark, Just about to eat a big fry up. the kids are milling about. Feeling a bit rough – I’ll sleep well tonight !

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