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Played a gig last night at Club Med in Harrogate. A lot busier than I expected I think about 700 turned up. It was a special night called ‘Flaunt’ – a charity do for the benefit of the NCPCC. Played alongside Tom Taylor, and Buckley. Tom was great. Buckley – “so so” in my humble opinion. He only played for about (what seemed like) 20 mins. I don’t know. These hot shot DJ’s think they can get away with what every they want ;o)

I have another gig there next week – it’s a retro night (90 – 95 House / club classics etc.) called bring it back. Danny Whitehead is billed – quite a legend. Looking forward to banging out some congas over his stuff.

Right – I’ve got to collect my kit from the venue now.

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