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Hello. Living with two blokes certainly has its draw backs. Especially when they have both been on the beer. It is definitely safer to be sat in a room with good ventilation 😉 I have had a great weekend, went kite flying with the kids on Saturday on the Stray (a patch of grass land covering 2 acres ). Felix and I tried to launch the kite while Jaygo tried to run off in the opposite direction. Luckily he had so many layers on that he more rolled then ran like a little Ewok in Thomas the Tank Engine wellies. Today we built the biggest train track out of Brio seen ever (honest). complete with suspension bridge and ferry port. I really like building with Brio. It is like an enormous track puzzle and you have to figure out how to use all the pieces to make the best track ever before Jaygo stands on it or eats it or does a Godzilla on it. Then we went out to visit a friend in the afternoon and then back home to Matt making scampi and home made chips. Fantastic and many brownie points awarded to the man himself.


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