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Hello. Hurray I have figured out how to use the spell checker on blogger so hopefully no more typos for me. The kids and I have had a very interesting day. The morning went very smoothly with Felix making it into nursery before registration always a good start. Then it was off to the airport to drop Chris off on his maiden voyage to Dublin. I seem to be doing lots of airport drop off and not so much flying at the moment must do something about that. I received a text from him tonight as he was sitting down to his first pint of Guinness, lucky boy. We then had a bit of a fiasco outside Denise’s with me locking my keys in the car. it was cold and wet and the baby didn’t have a coat and I had no house keys so Denise took us to work with her and looked after us there till the AA turned up in a huge pick up truck much to Felix’s delight .Five minutes later and a ride in a pick up truck we were back in the car and safely on our way .Phew….. it could have been so much worse. Home now and happy. It’s a cold evening and is supposed to get down to minus 6 later on so I think this week I shall be mostly staying in nice and warm.


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